Celebrating World Book Day, one pub at a time

March 3rd 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of World Book Day in the UK, but why should schools have all the fun? Book-lovers rejoice, as we discover some impressive places to visit and raise a glass in.

On our main site, we have created a publist of the old stomping grounds of some of the world’s most famous authors, playwriters and poets, their favourites often mentioned in their work: www.useyourlocal.com/publist/literary-pubs-frequented-by-the-greats-1777.

Going as far back as Shakespeare, his regular London haunts and his last visited in Welford on Avon, where it is believed he contracted fatal pneumonia after stumbling home in the pouring rain!

We have listed those that were frequented by the likes of Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, George Orwell & C.S. Lewis to name a few. The Grapes, along with its deep history and famous patrons, can even count Sir Ian McKellen as one of its owners, well-known for bringing J.R.R.Tolkien’s Gandalf to life.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of classic characters, delve into a collection of adventurous bars inspired by Phileas Fogg. From his Mayfair residence to Aunt Gertrude’s Tavern & Gin Parlour, you can transport yourself back to the Victorian era, surrounded by artefacts and antiquities from Mr Fogg’s travels. The Society of Exploration is located only a stone’s throw away from Charing Cross station – the starting point of his famous voyage around the world! 

However, the loyal local can also be an oasis in the everyday hustle and bustle, the perfect snug area to cosy up in and get lost in the pages. Already featured Coppa Club, are great for exactly this, a “home from home”, local hang-out, designed for eating, drinking, meeting and unwinding. So, let’s discover some more!

  • The Sun, set-up its own community library within the pub after the village’s own closed, providing an essential resource and haven to locals in the area.
  • To the reverse effect, hidden amongst the bookcases of Piccadilly’s Maison Assouline, Swans Bar is described as a bastion of elegance and culture.
  • For book influenced décor, The Fable near Holborn Viaduct in central London, is anything but ordinary, inspired by the fantasy world of fairy tales and Aesop’s fables. 

Whether you want to absorb a part of history, immerse yourself within their creations or just hunker down with your prized paperback, we have a pub just for you. Sign up today and follow your favourites: www.useyourlocal.com/join.

Useyourlocal.com Team hits the Toon.

We have been visiting the pubs and bars of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to spread the word about our great platform. Our mission is to get more people into more pubs more often. We are encouraging customers and publicans to join the Useyourlocal.com bandwagon and spread the word about our great site.

We are going to make Newcastle the most digitally connected pub city in the UK, keeping everyone in the loop with offers, events and everything to do with the Great British pub.


Peak stuff?

To misquote Mark Twain, we believe that the death of the pub has been greatly exaggerated.

Recently, the press has been full of comments made by an Ikea boss saying that Western consumers have hit “Peak Stuff”. In simple terms, this is the idea that we’ve now got everything we need. Our cupboards are full, our drawers are overflowing and our wardrobe doors won’t even shut anymore. There are only so many coffee tables, cheese graters and Jimmy Choo shoes that one person can squeeze into their two bed flat.

So what could this all mean for the apparently doomed Great British pub? Well, thankfully people are now realising that coffee tables aren’t actually that important at all and while we’re on the subject, neither are Jimmy Choo’s. What we really want are experiences, relationships, community spirit and good times with great friends. All the things that pubs have in spades.

So put down your Argos catalogues. Save yourself from Saturday “car parking panic” at Bluewater and do what really makes you happy…

To the pub people!

What’s the name of that pub?

You remember, the one with the open fires, yummy cask ale and fab rooms. The one that did the best steak and chips on the planet and where there’s a great quiz night every Thursday.

Well, if you’re anything like us you just can’t remember its name when you need to. You can picture it perfectly but your brain’s like the mushy peas they served with their delicious beer batter cod.

That’s precisely why we invented Publister. Now you can create your very own lists of the pubs you love. You can have as many lists as you like. What about “My favourite pubs with accommodation” or “Country pubs with open fires”. You can save them, publish them and share them with whoever you like.

They automatically save to your profile, so the next time you need a reminder they’re all there.

Easy as pie – steak and ale of course!