Pubs are recession-beaters

Over the last few days some of the UK’s biggest pub operators have posted really very strong figures. JD Wetherspoon and Greene King have both reported that people are still going to the pub and spending money. They may even be going more and spending more that normal.

Although both are wary about the future – and frankly who isn’t? – they both agree that during a recession, whilst people may be cutting back on big ticket luxuries, the may even increase their spending on the smaller more affordable pleasures in life.

In the worst recession(s) in a generation, this has to be good news for pubs. Perhaps one of the good things that often comes out of troubled times is a stronger sense of community – and the pub is proving once again to be right at the heart of local people pulling together for the greater good.

So come on DC – take note, pubs can play a crucial role in getting us out of this mess. Help them and they will help us all rise to the challenge.