NEWSFLASH – Pubs are still great value

If you read the popular press every day, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the price of a pint was so outrageous that there really was no point at all in popping into your local for a quick jar without first having consulted your bank manager.

Now, to be clear, we’re not saying that we agree with the current tax regime that beer continues to suffer from, nor are we saying that we are unaware of the tight financial times that we are all living in. However, to be able to go into a warm, welcoming, friendly pub & to enjoy a bit of chat with whoever happens to be in just has to be a few quid well spent.

Of course we should continue to fight our corner in the politics of pubs and beer, but let’s not get ourselves so wound up that we convince ourselves that the Great British pub offers poor value for money – in the vast majority of cases pubs offer an unrivalled bit of time out for a fantastically small price.

The best way to support pubs is to make sure we all keep going and to champion all that is good rather than focus on the things that are not so good.

We’ll drink to that.