Peak stuff?

To misquote Mark Twain, we believe that the death of the pub has been greatly exaggerated.

Recently, the press has been full of comments made by an Ikea boss saying that Western consumers have hit “Peak Stuff”. In simple terms, this is the idea that we’ve now got everything we need. Our cupboards are full, our drawers are overflowing and our wardrobe doors won’t even shut anymore. There are only so many coffee tables, cheese graters and Jimmy Choo shoes that one person can squeeze into their two bed flat.

So what could this all mean for the apparently doomed Great British pub? Well, thankfully people are now realising that coffee tables aren’t actually that important at all and while we’re on the subject, neither are Jimmy Choo’s. What we really want are experiences, relationships, community spirit and good times with great friends. All the things that pubs have in spades.

So put down your Argos catalogues. Save yourself from Saturday “car parking panic” at Bluewater and do what really makes you happy…

To the pub people!