The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz 2020

The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz is back with us, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before. Over 1,500 venues took part in last year’s quiz and raised a whopping £230,000 for good causes. This year’s event is expected to raise even more with more pubs than ever before expected to take part.

Set up by PubAid in 2016, this annual pub quizzing extravaganza continues to go from strength to strength and hundreds of charities are set to benefit. This year’s lead partner is Action Against Hunger, a charity helping in the fight to end child malnutrition.

The quiz is running from Sunday 8th March – Thursday 12th March 2020. Every pub chooses their own date, perhaps their regular quiz night, so why not have a look and see if your local is taking part and give them a call or pop in to find out exactly when they’ll be holding theirs?


If they’re not yet down to take part, why not suggest it to them? Pubs can register by clicking here and completing the simple registration form. It’s free to sign up, and every venue that joins will automatically appear on our World’s Biggest Pub Quiz Pubfinder, making it really easy for everyone to find a pub near them that’s taking part.

Here’s to raising even more money than last year for these great causes!

Happy quizzing.

Pubs on the Big Screen

Whatever you call it – the pub, the local, the good old-fashioned boozer – few things are as important to the British way of life.

A place where friendships are formed, legends made and lives changed forever. So it’s little wonder the pub has played such an important role in the history of British cinema and television… who can forget Del Boy falling through the bar, or the many smokey hours spent at The Winchester Club, courtesy of Minder?

And the good news is, it’s not all fiction – Some of the greatest pubs from the big screen are actual places selling actual real-life booze.

Sadly a few of the greats haven’t stood the test of time. Last orders have been called on such as The Winchester from Shaun of the Dead, and The Mother Black Cap from Withnail and I ….Gone but most certainly not forgotten.

So let’s raise a toast to their memory whilst you have a look at our round-up of the greatest TV and film pubs still serving….

Or why not find you favourite show – you never know who you might meet at the bar:

Only Fools and HorsesThe Alma (Islington, London)

The InbeweenersThe Black Horse (Pinner)

Minder The Blue Anchor (Hammersmith)

Sherlock Holmes The Bush Inn (South Glamorgan)

VeraThe Crown Posadsa (Newcastle upon Tyne)

HeartbeatThe Goathland Hotel (Whitby)

LutherThe Griffin (Hackney, London)

Ashes to Ashes/Life on MarsThe Horseshoe (Southwark, London)

Fresh MeatThe Kings Arms (Manchester)

Peep ShowThe Oval Tavern (Croydon)

Rock & ChipsThe Pelton Arms (Greenwich, London)

Line of DutyThe Queens Arms (Birmingham)

Peaky BlindersThe Roost (Birmingham)

Sherlock Speedy’s (London)

Phoenix Nights St Gregory’s Social Club (Bolton)

Gavin & StaceyTardross Hotel (Barry, South Glamorgan)

Auf Weidersehen Pet The Windmill Inn (Nottingham)

EmmerdaleThe Woolpack (Shipley, Bradford)

Dog-Friendly Pub Awards – The Winners!

We love our dogs almost as much as we love pubs, and in many senses they are natural bedfellows. Not that we need an excuse to take our tail-wagging mutts for a walk, but the idea of a tasty libation on the way round perks us up almost as much as a treat does our four-legged companions.

So which are the best dog-friendly pubs out there? Fortunately the nice people at have put in the hard yards for us, and shortlisted the 12 best hostelries from the more than 2,500 pubs that entered the awards. You’ll find all the finalists detailed below.

Congratulations to them all, and especially to The Fox & Hounds in Theale, which was named top dog. Take your lead from us, get your (shiny) coat on and pay them a visit – you’d be barking mad not to!

20 ‘Black Friday’ pubs

If the thought of battling shoppers for so-called bargains on the high street fills you with dread, why not spend Black Friday in a suitably named bar instead.

Over the years our cousins across the pond have brought the world such marvels as crisps, toilet paper and jelly beans, and their latest gift to us is the shopper meltdown that is Black Friday. The day after Americans celebrate Thanksgiving has become a worldwide excuse to seek out bargains (before doing so all over again on Boxing Day and in the New Year sales).

The origins of this festival of consumerism are not entirely clear. The phrase seems to date back to the 1950s and its use by the authorities in Philadelphia to describe the heavier-than-usual traffic they would encounter on the day after Thanksgiving, and this became over time the accepted phrase to define the start of the Christmas shopping season. So Philadelphia can now add Black Friday to its list of recent accomplishments, alongside spreadable cheese and the scene of the original Rocky training montage.

Indeed, these days it’s necessary to possess the physique and strength of the 1970s Rocky to thrive in the battle for bargains on the high street. We’ve all seen the footage of throngs of people pushing and shoving each other for the ‘right’ to buy a discounted television, and there have been reports of related injuries and even deaths in some countries. 

Not content with turning the high street into a battle zone, the fight has gone online in recent years, with Amazon, Argos, Currys and even the dragon-bothering John Lewis soliciting aggressively for your disposable income. 

All of which will be music to the ears of some, but we at useyourlocal prefer our consumption to be of the digestible form. So we used our extensive database of the UK’s pubs and bars (which, by the way, is the best there is) to put together a list of ‘alternative’ Black Friday establishments: in other words, hostelries that can claim a fleeting association of sorts with this shopping bonanza. 

You’ll find the list on our website. It features a Big Shop and a Deal Cutter and even a Closed Shop. Alternatively you can abide by the old adage and go in for the New Penny and then for the Pound (Inn). If you’re feeling agricultural, head to the Farmers Arms or the Grain & Hop Store; if two-wheeled transport’s your thing, we’ve got an Old Bicycle Shop; and if you’re really just a big kid at heart the Toy Shop is the one for you. You’ll even find a Sale (Conservative Club) if you really want one.

So which will it be, elbows in the ribs amid throngs of discount-hunters, or a drink or two in a nice warm bar while contemplating nobler pursuits? We love pubs at useyourlocal, so our choice is an easy one: we’ll be taking it all in with a pint – of the black stuff, naturally.

Strongbow Carnevil

Ladies and gents, step right up and don your top hats. The Strongbow Carnevil is in town. Whether Halloween fanatic or first time fancy dresser, all are welcome to have the night of their afterlife at the Strongbow Carnevil.

Choose from one of these fantastic Trust Inns pubs, buy a pint of Strongbow Original or Strongbow Dark Fruit, and you could win yourself a spooky Strongbow mask.