Pint Perfection

Pint Perfection is a service supplied by us to thousands of pub trade employees across the UK. The service allows trained members of staff to submit reports on the quality of any pub and drink in the UK*. This flow of realtime data gives global brand owners and operators of large pub estates real time access to the information they need to help ensure that they are meeting the very highest standards expected of them.

Draught beer & cider dispense is measured across key categories including as taste, temperature & glassware. By doing this, as soon as something isn’t right, action can be taken to ensure that any problem is solved as quickly as possible.

So, wherever you see the “via Pint Perfection” link, you can be sure that the person doing the review really knows their stuff.

Of course, our site is also available for any member of the public to add a review of a pub or a drink. It’s a great way of bringing everyone together to help make pubs even better places for everyone.


Here’s to great pubs serving great drinks! Team

* Pint Perfection is also availble internationally as GlassAct