Virtual Pub is set to launch a world first this afternoon. The “Virtual Local Experience” will go live today in over 1,000 pubs across the country. For £2 an hour the online service allows consumers to sign in, put on Virtual Reality googles and be transported right into the middle of their favourite local pub, real time.

The service streams a live 360 degree video feed, making it really feel as if you’re there. Strategically placed speakers and microphones make it possible for people to get involved in “bar-room banter” with other locals who are either in the pub or may also be using their own Virtual Local Experience.

Beck Weston of commented, “Of course we want people to actually go to the pub but when they really, really can’t, at least this new service is an incredibly life like alternative. We are also looking at how to partner with a couple of well known online delivery companies who could even deliver a proper pint & packet of pork scratchings to your door.”

One of the first pubs to trail the service was not so sure, “We did have one evening where it was just me, the dog and five people signed in to VLE. It took a bit of getting used to, till takings were obviously low, but at least there wasn’t anything to clear up.”