Social Media and Pubs

The very fact that you are reading this blog suggests that you might be aware of the importance of Social Media and Digital Marketing in the Pubs and Bars business.

53% of consumers now use social media to research going out before they venture through the door. 97% of smartphone owners use their devices to research local businesses online and yet less that 40% of pubs and restaurants have their own websites. Most pubs, fortunately for them, are featured within our pages.

At the most basic level, there are 36 million Facebook users in the UK and one in every five minutes spent online are on Facebook. 37% of Facebook users ask for recommendations on new bars and restaurants and 27% actually visit these venues on the basis of these recommendations.

The big missing here is the absence of a formal mechanism to review the quality of the outlet visited. Within we offer pub visitors the opportunity to communicate directly with fellow consumers and pub owners by reviewing the full range of goods and services on offer and we really encourage you to do so.

Each review is communicated directly to that pub giving the owner the opportunity to praise his team for a great experience and address issues that are brought to their attention.

You are on this site and reading this blog because, like us, you love pubs. Let’s all do our bit to try to make them that little bit better.