Friday 13th: Why is it believed to be unlucky?

Many think that the reason for the number 13’s bad luck comes from the Bible.

Judas, who betrayed Jesus, is thought to have been the 13th guest to sit down to the Last Supper.

Even today, it’s considered unlucky to have 13 people sitting at a dinner table, and some people pop a teddy bear in a seat to make the number of guests up to 14!

In Norse mythology, a dinner party of the gods was ruined by the 13th guest called Loki, who caused the world to be plunged into darkness.

It seems the superstition has stuck.

Some hotels will have no room 13, while a lot of tall buildings ‘don’t have’ a 13th floor, jumping straight from 12 to 14.

Some airlines also refuse to have a row 13 in their planes too.

For hundreds of years, Friday has been considered the unluckiest day of the week. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s famous Canterbury Tales, written in the 14th Century, he says “and on a Friday fell all this mischance”.

In Britain, Friday was once known as Hangman’s Day because it was usually when people who had been condemned to death would be hanged.

But Good Friday – the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion – is thought to be the only Friday that bucks the trend, hence its name.

If you’re born on Good Friday you’re thought to be lucky, while sailors, who are notoriously superstitious, would sometimes begin a long voyage on Good Friday because of its holy connections.

The combination of Friday and the number 13 as a day of particularly bad luck seems to be a relatively recent tradition – perhaps only about 100 years old.

There’s even a special word for the fear of Friday 13th – paraskevidekatriaphobia. We’ve got a fear of trying to pronounce that word…!

But don’t be afraid to to go to the pub… a bit of friendly banter will put you at ease, just avoid the ladders and black cats on the way. Try our list of aptly named pubs and raise to a glass to a great superstition.

How to…. Add photos to your website from your photo library (Desk top computer, not mobile phone)

You may wish to add and change the photos on your website as the seasons change, if you want to show off new dishes or you just feel like a change.

  • You must first sign in to which will take you to your pub/list of pubs
  • Click on the “Edit” button of the pub you wish to amend
  • Choose the blue tab marked “Website”
  • Click on “Manage Pages”
  • Select the “Edit” button of page you wish to add the photos to
  • Select the image you wish to add/change
  • Click on the image you wish to add, followed by “Select Image”
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How to….add Photographs to the Library on your UYL website (on Desk Top Computer not mobile telephone)

It is important to keep your photos on your website up to date following, for example, a refurbishment or as the seasons change. The process is very simple. You must first sign in to which will take you to your pub/lists of your pubs

  • Your photographs have to be in your website library in order for you to add them to your website:
    • Click “Edit Pub” of the pub you are amending
  • Choose the blue tab marked “website”
  • Click on “Upload Photos”
  • Click on “Upload Files” – Top left of the screen
  • Click on “Select Files” and find the file holding your photographs on your computer
  • Select the photographs you require and add them to the library. The photos will now be held in the library, ready for you to add to your website. If you now wish to add these photos to your website, please follow

If you would further help, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0191 691 5000

How to share your News, Offer or Event on Facebook

It is a very simple process to share your News, Offers and Events with your Facebook page:

  • Add your News, Offer or Event to your website using the admin page on Useyourlocal.
  • A prompt will then appear
  • Click on the Facebook button to open the Facebook Preview window and use the drop down box to find the option “Share on the Page You Manage”
  • The Facebook page for the outlet should appear – “Post to Facebook”. You can always add extra text under “Say something about this…”
  • Clicking on the Facebook post will now redirect your potential customers back to the news, offer or event on your website for full details – simple!

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Britain’s most Beautiful Pubs

They may not have a historical pedigree stretching back centuries, but several pubs across England have been deemed important enough to be granted listed status.

In his 1946 essay Moon Under Water, writer George Orwell described his ideal fictional pub.

He wrote that it would be “uncompromisingly Victorian” – offering “no glass-topped tables or other modern miseries… no sham roof-beams, inglenooks or plastic panels masquerading as oak”.

The latest list of pubs to be granted listed status may not have been to Orwell’s taste. Certainly, there’s a decent sprinkling of mock Tudor beams.

From Art Decco to Mock Tudor and whether or not you agree with Orwell, we should be very proud of these fabulous buildings housing our local hostelries, embrace their character and support their cause.

Let’s raise a glass to the most picturesque pubs the country has to offer, and let us know what you think…