How to….add Photographs to the Library on your UYL website (on Desk Top Computer not mobile telephone)

It is important to keep your photos on your website up to date following, for example, a refurbishment or as the seasons change. The process is very simple. You must first sign in to which will take you to your pub/lists of your pubs

  • Your photographs have to be in your website library in order for you to add them to your website:
    • Click “Edit Pub” of the pub you are amending
  • Choose the blue tab marked “website”
  • Click on “Upload Photos”
  • Click on “Upload Files” – Top left of the screen
  • Click on “Select Files” and find the file holding your photographs on your computer
  • Select the photographs you require and add them to the library. The photos will now be held in the library, ready for you to add to your website. If you now wish to add these photos to your website, please follow

If you would further help, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0191 691 5000