Free Beer!

BrewDog are offering a free pint of Hazy Jane in their bars if you bring them their glasses back.

That’s right, James Watt, BrewDog’s CEO and Co-Founder took to social media today, to say. “This Hazy Jane glass is officially our most stolen glass ever. Now, we don’t really mind our customers stealing the occasional glass from our bars. In fact, if you are going to have a beer glass in your kitchen, we would actually rather it was a glass which you plundered from a BrewDog bar versus a Carling, Stella or Foster’s glass.
“However, perhaps down to the fact that our Hazy Jane is so beautiful so many have been stolen that we are now running perilously low! So, we are introducing the Great BrewDog Glass Amnesty.
“Over the next week, simply visit any BrewDog bar, return a Hazy Jane glass which perhaps one of your friends maybe accidentally took home with them and we will fill up the glass with a delicious pint of Hazy Jane, for free. Or more precisely, in exchange for bringing the glass back.
“Who says that crime doesn’t pay?”

Find a BrewDog bar here.