Brits are happiest in pub gardens

Despite recent rainstorms across the UK, Brits say they’re at their happiest when relaxing in a pub garden, and this Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect time to pay them a visit.

Millions of Brits say they are at their happiest when relaxing in a pub garden over the summer, after 40% named it as their ultimate happy place, according to new national research. 

The nationwide survey from Chef and Brewer Collection found the average UK pubgoer will visit a pub garden between four and five times throughout August.

Country pubs are by far the nation’s favourite type of pub to visit at this time of year, with nearly half of UK adults (48%) selecting them as the best place to enjoy food and drink over summer.

Chef & Brewer Collection, a collection of unique pubs in idyllic countryside locations, has partnered with Warner’s Distillery and TV presenter and wildlife enthusiast, Jules Hudson, this summer to celebrate the nation’s love of pub gardens and the Great British countryside.

Jules said: “The atmosphere that you find in a country pub is like nothing else, with them often acting as a hub for generations of rural communities.

“So often located in quaint villages or idyllic countryside surroundings, country pubs are made extra special by their connection to the great outdoors.”

As part of the partnership, the pub brand is serving up two limited edition summer drinks from Warner’s Distillery, the Rhubarb Crumble and Raspberry Collins – with 50p from every sale going to The Wildlife Trust BCN.

So what are you waiting for? Go make yourself happy!

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