Scuda….more or less

The fate of Premier League Chief, Richard Scudamore, dominated the bar conversation in my local on Sunday lunchtime and certainly divided opinion. Half of us felt that he should remain in his job whilst the others believed that he should immediately replace Greg Dyke as chairman of the F.A.
The one thing we all agreed upon was that if everyone were sacked for exchanging banter on e mail, unemployment levels in Britain would race past Greece within days.
Nobody condoned genuine sexism or abuse but we all recognised that there is sense of perspective to be observed and we are bound to reflect upon why the temp who “blew the whistle” seemed unable to hold down a permanent job.
It also reminded me of an incident at a local golf club when a golfer swore profusely upon missing a nine inch putt on the eighteenth green in the Club Championship. A lady member on the balcony overheard this profanity and complained, prompting an extraordinary meeting of the house rules committee. They acted promptly. Forthwith, ladies were banned from the balcony on competition days.

By Les Murphy

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