Perfect Pints from Peterborough to Portofino!

The business of building draught led beer and cider brands is uniquely challenging. Those lucky fellows at Apple just have to build a great product, market it and then sell it. Simple. Whether their consumers buy their iPhone 6S from Carphone or Vodafone doesn’t really matter. They get the same quality product, beautifully packaged and delivered, every single time.

Buying a pint of Foster’s from The Red Lion or The Queen’s Head is a different matter altogether. Wrong glass, dirty glass. Too warm, too cold. Looks awful, tastes awful. Too flat, too fizzy. There are literally hundreds of things that can go wrong between keg and lips. All those hundreds of millions of pounds spent on marketing can look pretty foolish, pretty quickly.

That’s why we’re working with Heineken in 9 countries across Western Europe to deliver every single one of their 10,000 employees a simple and effective mobile tool that allows them to easily score the quality of their drinks in each and every one of over 500,000 pubs and bars from Peterborough to Portofino. Once scored, a realtime dashboard means Head Office can see “any pint of Amstel that was served in the wrong glassware in Dublin in August”. Appropriate action can then be taken at outlet level to solve any problems highlighted. Employees can also use the site to order new glassware or instigate training themselves should they wish to.

This GlassAct service is a global Heineken initiative, powered by, that’s helping them to support the trade, deliver perfect pints, delight consumers and protect their investment in their brands.

It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s open for others to join. The more, the merrier.

Here’s to making a Moretti in Milan as consistently excellent as buying an iPhone from Argos!