Top 10 Reasons to Love Your Local

In the run up to National Hospitality Day on the 18th of September, we wanted to highlight our top ten reasons to love your local – here’s a recap:

The Staff – it really wouldn’t be the industry that it is without the people behind the scenes. They’ve had a tough 18 months but have persevered. Long shifts and unsociable hours, but always service with a smile and a kind word to be had. Those that work in hospitality have missed the customers as much as the customers have missed them!

The Sense of Community – The pub is the hub as they say. At the heart of any community there is a local pub, community centre or social club, and they really have pulled together and shone through during the pandemic. We’ve seen rural pubs convert into essential shops selling all the necessities to isolated locals; venues delivering hot meals to the elderly, NHS staff and helping with free school meals; acting as collection points or offering refuge and advice; as well as just keeping morale up with online quizzes and live music videos while in lockdown.

The Location – Whether it be city centre, countryside, high street or beachfront, there is a local just where it needs to be. A hearty meal by the fire after a long country walk, a relaxing cake & coffee by the beach watching the tide come in, or a pint after work by the office – all perfectly positioned.

The Food – It’s more than just going out for some good old pub grub, it’s the local suppliers, the homemade bread & cakes, the hand stretched pizzas and the award winning Sunday roasts with giant Yorkshire puddings – it’s the passion and dedication that goes into each dish. Food brings people together and what better way to do so than by bonding over burgers?

The Drinks – There is so much more on offer nowadays when it comes to a drink. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, there is a true science behind the making of the perfect concoction, just ask the mixologists, baristas and breweries. From bubble tea to black cherry beer, caramel lattes to quirky cocktails, creamy milkshakes and cask ale cans, as well as the traditional hand pulls or celebrity endorsed spirits. The options are endless!

Bar Sports – Competitively or just for fun pubs, clubs and bars have plenty to keep us busy. There may be a darts team to join or a snooker hall to practise in along with plenty of competitions and leagues throughout the year. Skittles and bowls are still popular in traditional social clubs and we have seen a rise in board game nights as well as dedicated cafes. Yet the big debate continues on the foosball pitch… to spin or not to spin?

The Environment and atmosphere – Whatever your mood you can find a venue to suit. Pre-match build ups by the stadium on the way to a game, or the collective groans and cheers if watching live from a sports bar. The crackling of a fire midwinter in a country inn or soaking up the sun in a beer garden on a bank holiday.

The Music – Adding to the atmosphere, a live musician, band or DJ brings that little extra something. Whether it be the main act, a little background music or at an open mic night, you might just discover the next big thing. From grassroots to well established artists, you can find great gigs in pubs, clubs & bars up and down the country.

The Entertainment – it’s not just live music and bar games keeping us entertained. Test your knowledge at the pub quiz, sing your favourite songs on karaoke night or be in with the chance to win some prizes at the bingo. Whatever your local has on, let’s have some fun!

The Celebrations – From weddings to wakes, baby showers to birthdays, graduations and gatherings, the hospitality sector has been there to help create memories and celebrate these big life events in style. The show must go on and the parties will continue, so here’s a toast to the industry we love!

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