Pub goers urged to wear shorts ahead of April 12th re-opening

With less than 2 weeks to go before pub gardens reopen, there’s one thing England’s publicans and pub lovers are all praying for – warm sunny weather.

Whilst there’s obviously nothing any of us can do to change the weather, new research does highlight what we can do to give everyone the very best chance of enjoying a couple of pints outside from 12th April.

Professor Stella Foster-Smith, from the Clothing Retailers Association of Psychology, has been looking into the effects of clothing on our mindset for over 25 years. Funded by some of the world’s biggest clothing brands, results from her latest research project are startling.

Stella has found that when people wear shorts, they perceive the ambient temperature to be 2-3 degrees higher than it actually is. The impact is even more pronounced when larger groups start wearing beachwear together, with people in the trials feeling anything between 5 and 6 degrees warmer as a result.

Stella commented, “There’s nothing new about what people wear influencing how they feel, but even we were surprised by the huge impact that everyone wearing swimming shorts and bikinis together has on an overall group’s perception of warmth. I will certainly be wearing my favourite swimming clothes on 12th April and will be encouraging all my friends and family to do the same.”

Find pubs with gardens where you should wear your shorts here:

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