A golden age for pubs?

We’ve all read the constant bad news about pubs – closures, smoking ban, beer duty escalators, cheap supermarket booze. All bad news for sure, but could it actually be that we are entering what is actually a golden age for pubs?

The summer of 2012 is sure to be a mixed bag for the UK. The excitement of the Olympics, Golden Jubilee & Euro 2012, coupled with the strains and stresses of at best a poor economic outlook, at worst a full on European crisis. Good or bad news, what is becoming more important than ever is strong community – and the Great British pub remains the focal point that fosters great community spirit and togetherness.

Couple this with the ever growing consumer trend for craft products (think sausages from the pig nextdoor, real ale from a diversified farm in the local village), and it could well be that the local pub is actually holding all the cards.

It’s always going to be hard work, but we just get the feeling that we could well be entering a new golden age for pubs.

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