The beer mat show


The beermat. A banal part of every pub’s scenery, or a creative piece of art? Well, usually the former (along with salty pork scratchings and hanging baskets) but for one month only, in London’s Bun House,¬†beer mats are being celebrated.

As many pubs close throughout the UK, it not only means that we are losing a central and vital part of the community but also the traditional objects associated with them. One such thing being the beermat, something to take home at the end of the night as a reminder of that amazing pub you stumbled across, or a handy substitute for paper when desperately trying to give someone your number.

At his latest exhibition, Cedar Lewisohn is inviting the punters to put their drink down on the artwork, and admire. Artists such as Ben Eine, Sarah Baker, Gavin Turk and Bob and Roberta Smith are showcasing their work. The exhibition has been commissioned to highlight the issue of pub closures throughout the UK, as well as a decline in their industries. It will be running from 29th July to 29 August at The Bun House, 96 Peckham high street.

So pop down, check it out and afterwards quench your thirst with a perfect pint in your local.

Here are our Use Your Local beer mats that were released in 2010 to encourage everyone to score their local.

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