How’s your Ploughman’s?

Our great friend Rupert Culme-Seymour, Regional Sales Director at Heineken and general
pub-industry legend, has kindly sent in his thoughts on our nation’s old-favourite dish, the Ploughman’s…

How’s your Ploughman’s?

Do you ever wish for a really great plate of chutney, freshly baked bread, a good hunk of cheddar, some pickled onions and a cracking pint of cask ale for lunch? I bet you it’s cheaper than a latte & a Panini…Yes it should be fresh and delicious and it should be served to you with a cheery smile – this is what I’m after…surely it can’t be hard??? How about crisp beer battered fish & thick cut chips, homemade tartar sauce and a wedge of lemon…enjoyed with a glass of crisp sauvignon blanc! …Yum….and where should you go for this…yup your local pub which may well be closer to where you live than a lifeless national convenient super market (how many people smile in these places???)…. isles of convenience that can only be taken to your own home and consumed whilst watching some average talent show??

Why not be inconvenient and go to your local pub, enjoy rubbing shoulders with other people, have a drink in a glass and put a smile on your face!



  1. Personally, I am always gutted by the standard of Ploughmans – they promise so much and generally give back so little.

    The main problem is usually just stinginess on the part of the publicans. You usually get about half a ton of cheddar, but then get a piece of baguette about three inches long (baguette isn’t that expensive). Two pickled onions – delicious but how about five, just to even out the cheddariness?

    What if I want some ham with my cheddar or some cheddar with my ham? Stuffed.

    A proper portion of pickle? You’ll be lucky.

    Ploughmans should be viewed as an opportunity for the kitchen to show off, to shine a little and not just make a quick buck.

    Maybe this summer I’ll be proved wrong. I certainly hope so.

  2. @Simon Spent a pleasant afternoon in the pub last weekend. The trouble with ploughmans is that they are an easy option and not much thought or love goes into them.

    Went to the Turf locks pub ate the weekend. Didn’t eat, but the Ploughmans there looked amazing – a great big piece of pie, lots of bread, pickle etc. – definitely one to try out I think.

    Check out my review of the pub.

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