Pubs Powered by SmartDispense

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There is nothing quite like a chilled pint in your favourite pub. But have you ever thought about how the beer gets to your glass?

A lot of us have probably never been in a pub cellar. When it comes to innovation, we haven’t seen any major changes in the hundreds of years that pubs have existed. SmartDispense™ leads the way in changing that and continues to evolve the way your favourite pub dispenses their beer and cider. Over 5,000 outlets have made the switch to SmartDispense since it became available for install in 2013. Not only are these businesses investing in their pub and your drinking experience, but they are making steps towards being more environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

A standard cellar set up means a line clean every week for your local pub. This is because yeast, a key component in beer, will grow when it combines with oxygen at ambient temperatures. This will ruin both your pint and the line it is kept in. To prevent this, hours are spent flushing through the dispense equipment to ensure you experience the best quality all year round. SmartDispense™ changes that. Gone is that lost time and weekly pints of water, beer and cider down the drain, as well as all that CO2 needed to chill and dispense them. Instead, thanks to this energy-efficient smart technology which works from the cellar to serve, we can prevent yeast growth and safely extend line clean intervals. This means less waste which is better for our planet, without compromising on the great taste of your favourite pint.

So, what’s the secret?

How can cleaning go from weekly to every 6 weeks, or even 12 weeks without compromising on quality? The answer comes down to simple science. A standard system can have lots of potential points where the beer can rise to room temperature. This can be down to lack of temperature control, old equipment and bare lines that are exposed rather than covered. Meanwhile SmartDispense™ uses cooling technology to control the temperature within the ‘python’, i.e., the line that feeds the beer from keg to tap. It completely encapsulates the product until the moment it hits the glass. By doing both these things the yeast cannot grow and multiply – similar to putting food in the fridge or freezer to prolong the shelf life and maintain taste and quality. You wouldn’t leave a pint of milk out on the side, right? Accompany this with following the best hygiene practices for nozzles (pouring your pint into glass), couplers (connecting kegs to the beer lines) and caring for glassware, means the time between line cleans can be extended. PLUS… The strict temperature control and excellent hygiene standards mean a refreshing, great quality pint at 3°C or less every time.

Quote from Stuart Briant, The SmartDispense ‘Smart’ Guy:

“Since the first version of SmartDispense was created in what was no more than a glorified cupboard, I’m pleased to say the technology has continued to evolve. Not only have we been able to improve the environmental savings for bars who invest in great quality beers and ciders, but it is now more accessible to any size venue.  The original version was too bulky & had to be disassembled just to get it into the cellar, with 4 men required to re-assemble and install it in position! Now the smallest technology is only the footprint of an A4 piece of paper, meaning more sustainable, great tasting beer and cider can be served almost anywhere!”

Times are changing, and we all need to make steps towards a greener living.

Try your nearest SmartDispense outlet for a top-quality pint and to support a less wasteful future. You can find your nearest one here: