Milk vending machine a great hit at pub

A licensee in Staffordshire has installed a vending machine outside his pub after the local council refused him permission to open a shop on the premises.


Vending machine: selling 40 gallons of milk a day

Peter Wilkinson, of the Raddle Inn in Hollington, believes that “pubs need to diversify” to survive cheap alcohol deals in supermarkets and attract younger customers back in.

The vending machine, which is monitored by CCTV, serves bread, milk, eggs, bacon and butter. Wilkinson told the Publican’s Morning Advertiser it is currently selling 40 gallons of milk per week.

“Pubs need to offer something different with supermarkets selling cheap drink”, said Wilkinson.

He added: “A lot of young people don’t see the pub as a meeting place anymore because they can contact each other using their mobile phones.”

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