The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz 2017

On Sunday March 5 2017, PubAid and the largest men’s health charity in the UK, Prostate Cancer UK, are calling on the pub industry, including clubs, bars and venues, to host a quiz and raise money for charity.
Over 11,000 men die from prostate cancer in the UK each year. That’s one man every hour. Money raised through this partnership will help fund ground-breaking research, support men and their families affected by the disease, and fight injustice in care.

Co-founder of PubAid, Des O’Flanagan, commented: “The quiz is a great way of recognising the fabulous work that UK pubs do for charity in raising over £100m a year. We’re delighted to be partnering with Prostate Cancer UK who have recognised that great British pubs are places to get their message heard and been enthusiastic supporters of the role the pub plays in the fabric of our communities.”

James Beeby, Director of fundraising, at Prostate Cancer UK, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with PubAid who have been celebrating the success of pubs raising millions of pounds for great causes since 2009. We have a growing number of ‘pop up’ pubs known as the Men United Arms so it made sense to link up with industry experts to reach more publicans and consumers with a message about prostate cancer, and to raise money to fight the disease – which affects 1 in 8 men in the UK.”

To find a pub close to you that is taking part,  click here – come and support this great charity.



“Why don’t you?”…..just go to the pub.

There is a strange irony about running a website that really wants to get people off the internet and to go to the pub instead.

I sometimes describe as a bit like a modern day “Why Don’t You?”. You remember, the 1980’s BBC children’s cult classic TV series. The one that asked you in its opening credits to “Just switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead.”

Back in the early noughties I attended numerous meetings, conferences and industry seminars. The chat at many of these was often centred around the rising threat of the internet to the Great British pub. People were spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Friends Reunited. Gone were the days of meeting mates at the corner shop, in town, or God forbid, in the local pub. We were at the dawn of a new age of social interaction. We were to survive on a diet of 800 “Friends”, all thousands of miles apart. Location would be no barrier, we could Skpe them, Facetime them or even Hangout online. The need for actual physical contact was just something that our parents used to do. How quaint. The pub was dead. Its only purpose would be to host the countless leaving do’s of the ever decreasing numbers of industry employees.

Unsurprisingly, at, we hold a different view. We’ve set out our stall to use the internet to help pubs. We’ve turned the very thing that our industry was scared of back then into something they can use collectively to their advantage today. We use the online world to help people find great pubs, hear about fantastic offers, discover new drinks and to be the first to know what’s going on in and around the pubs and bars they love.

We’re betting that people do want to spend less time in the virtual world and more time in the real one. We just make it easier for everyone by feeding people with a constant supply of opportunities to gorge themselves on a diet of the very thing they crave, real world social and physical interaction. So, once you’ve joined us, we’ll do all the hard work for you and let you know where and when you can get your fix.

No one will be happier than us when you eventually leave our site and, “….just switch off your mobile phone and go to the pub instead.”

Here’s to the Great British pub, the original social network.

Rugby World Cup 2015

Here we are, day one of the Rugby World Cup 2015. There can be few better events on the planet that lend themselves as well as rugby does to the UK pub trade……..and this World Cup’s in our own country! For this is a great opportunity for us to help rugby lovers across the world find the very best pubs, clubs and bars for before, during and after all the games. We’re also working very closely with Heineken, one of the tournament sponsors, to “power” their barfinder and ultimately get more people into pubs throughout the 6 weeks of the tournament.

Of course we’ll be rooting for the home nations, but more than anything we’re hoping that this will be a great event for the Great British pub.