We love Nailing pubs

Some time ago we introduced Google Streetview to those pubs’ pages on useyourlocal.com where we didn’t have a photo. Nothing too new about that, I know. However, this gave us an immediate problem. The Streetview image would often be some distance from the pub, sometimes looking at a hedge or at the back of a bus. How annoying.

That’s why we can up with “Nail it!”. Anyone can now navigate using Streetview on our desktop site, find the pub, centre it nicely in the middle and “Nail it!’. The next time anyone then goes to that pub’s page they see the pub instead of the hedge. Sorted.

The only problem is that we’re now addicted to it. Try it, you’ll see what we mean.

You have been warned.

The Ultimate Pub & Bar Dating Agency

At useyourlocal.com, part of what we do is to help brands activate their events and ultimately get more people into pubs & bars drinking their products. By connecting brands with pubs with consumers, we hope we can be “The Ultimate Digital Dating Agency” for the UK On-Trade.

Our growing audience of up to 500,000 visitors a month are the most highly targeted online audience of pub lovers that the trade could possibly wish for. By working with some of the UK’s biggest drinks companies we are able to deliver news, offers and events to this audience at the click of a mouse.

Our recent work with Birra MorettiHeinekenDeuchars and Bulmers are great examples of this. By creating lists using our unique Publister service, the brands can quickly create pages that allow consumers to find “Pubs and bars near me with a Bulmers Cider Garden”. By then pointing their own social media and websites at these pages, the brand owners have a simple and effective way to allow their audience to quickly find whatever it is they are looking for.

For the real 5 star service the brands can even embed these publists into their own sites. By letting useyourlocal.com “power” their own sites we can deliver activity quicker, cheaper and more effectively than by any other means. (see my previous post on our work with Heineken for the 2015 Rugby World Cup)

But it doesn’t stop there. We then continue to work with the brands to publish outlet specific news, offers and events against every single outlet in their lists. Not only does this create individual news items for every pub & bar in every list but it also auto-emails every one of our consumers who live in and around those pubs with the relevant brand promotions. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s easy, delivering perfectly targeted news to a perfectly target audience.

Marry all this with full site takeover advertising, on both our mobile and desktop sites, and surely we can lay claim to the title of “The Ultimate Digital Dating Agency” for the UK On-Trade.

Here’s to pubs and bars getting more customers, more often.

Welcome to 2013

Okay, hands up, we’ve been pretty rubbish at keeping our blog going, but isn’t that exactly what New Year’s resolutions are for? So, in 2013 we’re going to start by asking for forgiveness and then we’re going to get cracking. Got to be easier than giving up booze for January!