Team hits the Toon.

We have been visiting the pubs and bars of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to spread the word about our great platform. Our mission is to get more people into more pubs more often. We are encouraging customers and publicans to join the bandwagon and spread the word about our great site.

We are going to make Newcastle the most digitally connected pub city in the UK, keeping everyone in the loop with offers, events and everything to do with the Great British pub.


Connecting pubs, brands & consumers

When we used to sell beer to pubs nearly 20 years ago there were only two things that customers really wanted. Beer mats and A boards. Those were the days. Deliver those and selling the beer was easy.

Interestingly, although the world has changed almost unrecognisably in that short period of time, A boards can still be found outside the majority of pubs and bars the length and breadth of the country.

Now, we’re not suggesting for a minute that there’s anything wrong with this, but the world has moved on. There’s a whole generation of consumers who have probably lodged dozens of claims with “ACCIDENT NOT MY” because they walked into an A board whilst buried in their mobile phone.

At we let pubs and brands connect with consumers before they walk into that A board. We know that people like going to the pub, and we know they think they should probably go more often. We just make it easy and give them a timely and relevant excuse.

We’re working on the beer mat!

Peak stuff?

To misquote Mark Twain, we believe that the death of the pub has been greatly exaggerated.

Recently, the press has been full of comments made by an Ikea boss saying that Western consumers have hit “Peak Stuff”. In simple terms, this is the idea that we’ve now got everything we need. Our cupboards are full, our drawers are overflowing and our wardrobe doors won’t even shut anymore. There are only so many coffee tables, cheese graters and Jimmy Choo shoes that one person can squeeze into their two bed flat.

So what could this all mean for the apparently doomed Great British pub? Well, thankfully people are now realising that coffee tables aren’t actually that important at all and while we’re on the subject, neither are Jimmy Choo’s. What we really want are experiences, relationships, community spirit and good times with great friends. All the things that pubs have in spades.

So put down your Argos catalogues. Save yourself from Saturday “car parking panic” at Bluewater and do what really makes you happy…

To the pub people!

What’s the name of that pub?

You remember, the one with the open fires, yummy cask ale and fab rooms. The one that did the best steak and chips on the planet and where there’s a great quiz night every Thursday.

Well, if you’re anything like us you just can’t remember its name when you need to. You can picture it perfectly but your brain’s like the mushy peas they served with their delicious beer batter cod.

That’s precisely why we invented Publister. Now you can create your very own lists of the pubs you love. You can have as many lists as you like. What about “My favourite pubs with accommodation” or “Country pubs with open fires”. You can save them, publish them and share them with whoever you like.

They automatically save to your profile, so the next time you need a reminder they’re all there.

Easy as pie – steak and ale of course!

“Why don’t you?”…..just go to the pub.

There is a strange irony about running a website that really wants to get people off the internet and to go to the pub instead.

I sometimes describe as a bit like a modern day “Why Don’t You?”. You remember, the 1980’s BBC children’s cult classic TV series. The one that asked you in its opening credits to “Just switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead.”

Back in the early noughties I attended numerous meetings, conferences and industry seminars. The chat at many of these was often centred around the rising threat of the internet to the Great British pub. People were spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Friends Reunited. Gone were the days of meeting mates at the corner shop, in town, or God forbid, in the local pub. We were at the dawn of a new age of social interaction. We were to survive on a diet of 800 “Friends”, all thousands of miles apart. Location would be no barrier, we could Skpe them, Facetime them or even Hangout online. The need for actual physical contact was just something that our parents used to do. How quaint. The pub was dead. Its only purpose would be to host the countless leaving do’s of the ever decreasing numbers of industry employees.

Unsurprisingly, at, we hold a different view. We’ve set out our stall to use the internet to help pubs. We’ve turned the very thing that our industry was scared of back then into something they can use collectively to their advantage today. We use the online world to help people find great pubs, hear about fantastic offers, discover new drinks and to be the first to know what’s going on in and around the pubs and bars they love.

We’re betting that people do want to spend less time in the virtual world and more time in the real one. We just make it easier for everyone by feeding people with a constant supply of opportunities to gorge themselves on a diet of the very thing they crave, real world social and physical interaction. So, once you’ve joined us, we’ll do all the hard work for you and let you know where and when you can get your fix.

No one will be happier than us when you eventually leave our site and, “….just switch off your mobile phone and go to the pub instead.”

Here’s to the Great British pub, the original social network.