The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz 2019!

We are delighted to be supporting the fourth annual World’s Biggest Pub Quiz alongside PubAid and Prostate Cancer UK as part of their efforts to raise vital funds and awareness to help combat one of the UK’s biggest killers of men. 

Th concept is simple – pubs and bars all over the country host a quiz night, all materials for which are provided by PubAid, with customers paying to enter. All profits are then donated to Prostate Cancer UK, or the host’s chosen charity, or both! 

More than £400,000 has been raised as a result of the World’s Biggest Pub Quiz in the last 3 years, with over £190,000 of that came from last year alone. So between the 3rd and 7th March 2019, PubAid are looking to break this record and raise even more – and every little helps!

If you are or know of a pub that would like to take part, outlets can sign up here. It only takes a couple of minutes and will provide a great night for pubs and punters alike – and all for a great cause, too.

 About PubAid

PubAid was formed in 2009 with the aim of highlighting the great work done by UK pubs, which includes raising more than £100m every year for hundreds of charities. They are a working party made up of directors and volunteers, who seek to gain greater appreciation by the media, politicians and other stakeholders, for the positive contribution made by the Great British Pub in local communities across the country.

A survey by PubAid found that pubs have contributed more than £100m to charities every year, with 77% of pubs surveyed taking part in some form of fundraising. As a result, more than 2000 charities have benefited from the work of pubs and bars. 

About Prostate Cancer UK

Beginning life as The Prostate Cancer Charity back in 1996, formed by Professor Jonathan Waxman with the aim to improve the care and welfare of those affected by prostate cancer, increase investment in research, and raise public and political awareness of the disease. In 2012 they merged with Prostate Action and re-branded to form the charity as we know it today.

Many of you will recognise the Prostate Cancer UK’s work from high-profile campaigns supported by the likes of; Jeff Stelling and the gents of the Soccer Saturday panel, Bill Bailey and his Men United movement, and Ray Winstone in the award-winning Father’s Day film. As a result of their efforts, Prostate Cancer UK have been able to invest over £37 million into ground-breaking research, and award-winning support.

Prostate cancer statistics

  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.
  • Over 47,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that’s 129 men every day.
  • Every 45 minutes one man dies from prostate cancer – that’s more than 11,000 men every year.
  • 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime.
  • Around 400,000 men are living with and after prostate cancer.

Adding Food & Drink Menus to Your Website

Easily accessible information online is expected, if not required, by consumers. So having items such as food and drink menus readily available is a must. Not only does it save time answering the questions that customers would otherwise have to contact you to ask. It also gives you a chance to show them why they should be coming to enjoy your pub grub over the place down the road’s.

That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to upload all your menus to your website in just a few simple steps.

  1. Sign in to your Useyourlocal account and select the food & drink tab on your pub’s page.
  2. Update details such as your food service times and give a brief description of what your pub/bar has to offer customers. You can also add an image which will accompany this text on your website.
  3. You can then add up to 10 separate menus by clicking upload file and selecting the appropriate document(s).
  4. Menus can be added and removed as required should you decide to make any changes, or for occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Please note: It is important that all menus are converted into PDF files before being uploaded. Not all smartphones will support other formats such as Microsoft Word, therefore some customers will not be able to access the document if it is not in a PDF format.

Click here to update your website now.

Your Local is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

And so, as the onslaught of celebrations come to an end, the hard-working staff of pubs and bars up and down the country prepare for a well-earned rest, while revellers attempt to resume some level of functioning normality, New Year resolutions in tow.

There is, of course, one particular resolution that is usually the go-to for many following a month of festive overindulgence – Dry January. While the idea itself is a perfectly reasonable one, cleanse your body after a, shall we say, ‘heavy’ few weeks, save some cash, and maybe even raise some for charity. The effect it has on the pub trade can make January a month that publicans dread.

Of course, this isn’t a plea for people to sacrifice personal goals in order to boost the bottom line for the pub down the road. But rather, a reminder as to what our pubs are really about. Yes, they’re great for a few pints, a nice bottle of wine, a fancy cocktail or two. But what they really are is an invaluable space for the community.

It’s easy to forget, when taking alcohol out of the equation, that pubs serve a much higher purpose (excuse the pun). Ask the residents of any town or village that have lost their local just how much of an impact it had on their community. It soon becomes clear that these are places that should be cherished, not discarded along with the battered old Christmas tree come the 1st.

Not drinking alcohol may be one reason to stay away from the pub throughout January, but there are so many more reasons why you shouldn’t. Go for the company, the quizzes, the live music! After all, if you’re going to be sober and miserable on a Saturday night it might as well be to a decent soundtrack.

And remember, it’s not like the old days when all you could get other than something alcoholic was a glass of flat coke and a funny look. Pubs and bars are going to great lengths to accommodate the changing times. Why not try a mocktail? One of those tonics with seven different types of fruit in them? Or, dare I say it, a non-alcoholic beer? (they really are better than they used to be, I promise).

The point is, your January can be dry, but it needn’t be a desert. There are so many ways we can still support our great British pubs without buying a pint – and if we don’t, we’ll miss them when they’re gone. Remember, your local is for life, not just for Christmas.

Happy New Year!

Applying your VIP access code

If you have contacted us to take part in the Christmas Community you will have been provided with a VIP access code giving you free use of the Useyourlocal platform. Now, simply follow the 3 steps below to upload your event and we’ll take care of the rest.




1. Join Useyourlocal as a member and find your pub’s page using pub search.





2. Click on the VIP button and enter the code you have been given.





3. Using the events tab, upload details of your event and share to your pub’s social media pages.




Et voilà! Your event is now visible on Useyourlocal and has also been sent to any members in the local area. Easy as that!

The Christmas Community

British pubs are the cornerstones of our society. They’re a shared space, a place to meet old friends, make new ones, celebrate love, commiserate loss – they are the original social networking site. So it’s unsurprising that during a time when our country has found itself suffering an epidemic of loneliness, that it is our pubs who are coming through for those who need it most.

Earlier this week we came across a Twitter post from a beloved local in Wimbledon that truly represents the spirit of Christmas and of the Great British Pub. The Alexandra, famed for its fantastic community events, including Meet-up Mondays, did a shout out to their followers asking for anyone who may be alone on Christmas Day to be pointed in their direction. An incredibly touching gesture which was rightfully lauded by online observers.

Feeling quite inspired by this act of kindness we decided to do a bit of digging, and, unsurprisingly, found a whole host of equally wonderful pubs up and down the country with the same common goal for the impending festive season; to make sure no one in their community feels lonely this Christmas.

What makes these gestures all the more special is the fact that, as we all know, December is the busiest time of year for those working in hospitality. Publicans, managers, and their staff get little time off as it is, so the fact that they are willing to dedicate even more time and resources, voluntarily, for the benefit of their neighbours in need is a testament to the nature of this industry and those within it.

With that in mind, we wanted to do our bit to assist the outlets that are offering these get-togethers, as well as those who will benefit from them, with the resources we can offer. For those who are unfamiliar, Useyourlocal was created with the idea of connecting pubs and consumers – serving as one place where they can communicate and find all the information they need about what’s on in their local. So for the month of December we would like to offer any pub or bar that is hosting a community event free access to the Useyourlocal platform, along with the full support of our digital advisers.

We’re hoping to create a community of pubs and bars who would like to promote their events, so they are able to reach as many people as possible, and, likewise, can be easily found by those who are looking for somewhere to go.

If you are, or know of, a pub that is offering these kind of events over the festive period then please do get in touch with us to claim an access code and join the Christmas Community!

Email us: [email protected]

Phone: 0191 691 5000

To see the pubs that are hosting community events this Christmas, click here.