Thatchers Cider, the Somerset based family cider maker, is pleased to announce the appointment of Eleanor Thatcher to its Board of Directors.

Eleanor is a fifth-generation cider maker who embodies the values and traditions of the 120 year old company, while also bringing a fresh perspective to cider making, sustainability and innovation.

As the next generation, her passion is cidermaking, protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of the business for future generations, reducing Thatchers’ carbon footprint and protecting biodiversity.

Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cider maker said: “I feel very proud to head up a family business, one that I am delighted to say is fast becoming a fifth-generation cider business. I see it as my duty to ensure when the time is right, I hand down a business that is able to thrive both now and in the future. 

“Eleanor’s appointment brings with it her unique blend of tradition and innovation. Her dedication to our family’s heritage, combined with her forward-thinking approach, makes her an invaluable addition and one I believe will keep us making the best ciders in the world for decades to come.”

Eleanor Thatcher said: “I am honoured to join the Board of Directors at Thatchers Cider. Working in a family business is very special for me; it’s about remembering and cherishing our history whilst at the same time innovating. 

“I have a passion for cider making and I care deeply about Thatchers continuing to make high quality cider that our customers love, whilst also ensuring that we protect the environment for future generations. My role now is to continue what my family has built; making great quality cider, in harmony with nature, for another 120 years.” 

Eleanor Thatcher continues: “As a family company we’ve been working closely with nature for 120-years. And as a fifth-generation cider maker, I am here thanks to the forward thinking and planning of the four generations before me. 

“Since 2010 we have planted 158,000 trees and we plan to plant another 13,000 more next year. From regenerative farming to planting wildflower meadows and working with the Bumblebee Trust to create bee friendly orchards.” 

Every one of Thatchers ciders is made using 100% renewable electricity and even the apple left over once the juice is squeezed is recycled into green energy. They’re constantly reviewing their packaging too, from being the first to replace plastic with sustainably sourced card in 2016, to using lighter cans and saving the equivalent of a whopping 5.9m cans a year.