The Wetherspoon Wanderers

Everyone has something they’d like to do before they die; swim with dolphins…skydive over a volcano…visit every Wetherspoons in Britain?

Yes, Gary and Denise Barnes have discovered such an appreciation for JD Wetherspoon’s establishments that they have made it their mission to visit every single one – that’s all 900+ of them.

Having had their interested sparked after visiting The Winter Gardens Wetherspoons in Harrogate, the couple have now conquered 167 venues, covering more than 20,000 miles of the UK so far.

In explaining the reason for their venture, Gary told The Yorkshire Post: “It gets us out of the house. The buildings are all really interesting, we like finding out about them all. There’s nothing pretentious about Wetherspoons, you know what you’re getting there.”

Other than the value for money and quirky surroundings, one thing they particularly enjoy about the tour is that they get to travel to places they say they would otherwise not have thought of to visit.

And with a portfolio of pubs spanning the entirety of the UK, from the far north of Scotland right down to the South West coast of England, not to mention everywhere in between – they have plenty of new places to choose from.

The couple have set up a Facebook page to document their ‘Spoons Story’, updating it every time they reach a new destination. In case you were wondering – number 167 was The Crown Inn, Knaresborough.

And if you’re feeling inspired to start your own tour; here’s a list of all the Wetherspoon bars near you to get you on your way!

It’s good to have life goals…

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