Could you take on the Monster Roast?

The Sussex Arms in Twickenham has introduced the Holy Grail for Sunday roast enthusiasts with their ‘Monster Roast’, also known as the Sharing Roast – if you’re feeling generous.

The feast consists of a trio of meats, a selection of veg including; broccoli, red cabbage, parsnips, carrots, and potatoes. All of which is served in a giant Yorkshire pudding, with a jug of gravy on the side.

When the chef came up with the idea one quiet Sunday afternoon, he and the other staff did not think it would be taken seriously, according to general manager Rob Smith.

He told The Morning Advertiser that after getting the ‘right reactions’ from customers they decided to put the Monster on the menu. And it seems to have been doing rather well!

More than 30 were sold on the first day of officially going public and a video on the pub’s Facebook page of the chef presenting the dish to a lucky customer has been shared far and wide, reaching more than 90,000 views so far.

So, single-handed or shared – how will you eat yours?

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