Useyourlocal Refer-a-Pub Scheme

We’re all better off when we work together, especially when it comes to promoting the great British pub.

So we think it would be great if we were able to grow our community of pubs and bars at, and collectively get more people to go to the pub more often.

To share the love all round, we’ll give you £50 when you introduce us to a pub or bar who subsequently sign up to our website service, and we’ll give them £50 off their sign-up fee.

They save, you earn, and we all help get people off their sofas and into the pub.

It’s a win – win – win!

Terms & Conditions

Our Refer-a-Pub program allows registered Useyourlocal Gold Plan members to earn themselves and another pub or bar £50 each by introducing them to the Useyourlocal Gold Plan service.


Only signed up members of the Useyourlocal Gold Plan (“Referrer”) are eligible to participate in the Refer-a-Pub program.

To be eligible for the payment the referred member (“Referee”) must have successfully purchased a Gold Plan membership with Useyourlocal.

For the avoidance of doubt and without prejudice to any rights or remedies otherwise available to Useyourlocal under applicable law, Useyourlocal members are not permitted to impersonate Useyourlocal, use the Useyourlocal domain names or trademarks (apart from any banners and links we provide) or to post adverts or sponsored links on search engines which appear when users search for the Useyourlocal brand or trademarks (commonly known as brand term bidding), and any referrals arising out of or in connection with any misuse or infringement of the Useyourlocal domain names or trademarks shall not qualify for Refer-a-Pub.


Each existing Useyourlocal Gold Plan member (“Referrer”) will receive a reward of £50 for each pub (“Referee”) who signs up to Useyourlocal and has a website successfully purchased by Useyourlocal. If the Referee does not fulfil the purchase, then the Referrer will not qualify for the reward.

Each Referee who signs up to Useyourlocal via Refer-a-Pub and has a website successfully launched by Useyourlocal will receive £50 off the cost of the initial set-up fee, of which there is a choice of 3 options – £600/£400/£250 (initial setup fee is dependent on onward payment plan selected i.e. Yearly/Higher Monthly/Lower Monthly).

In each eligible case, the reward for the Referrer / Referee will be delivered by a method of payment decided by Useyourlocal which could include a bank transfer, cheque, PayPal or other.

The Referee must sign up as a member of Useyourlocal using the name of the Referrer and their outlet. Referrals cannot be made by any other means other than via an existing member of the Useyourlocal Gold Plan.

You cannot refer yourself or an existing Useyourlocal member.

The Referrer / Referee will be remunerated by Useyourlocal once the Referee’s Gold Plan membership has been purchased. Payment will be made within 90 days following the confirmation of a successful Gold Plan membership purchase.

Only the Referrer / Referee named in the initial referral will be eligible to receive the reward. It is non-transferrable.

In any disputed case the decision of Useyourlocal is final and binding.

This promotion begins from 08/10/2018 and Useyourlocal reserves the right to withdraw it at any time in the event that unforeseen circumstances make this unavoidable. In this situation a notice of withdrawal will be sent to all Useyourlocal Gold Plan members.

Useyourlocal reserves the right to amend, withdraw or extend any or all elements of this promotion at any time, without prior notice.

Promoter: UseYourLocal Limited. Registered office: 3-4 Broadway Park, Edinburgh, EH12 9JZ. Company Registration No. SC349564

Your new analytics tab

What’s new?

We have added a new analytics tab to your pub’s Useyourlocal page that gives you a visual representation of the user activity on your templated website. These statistics have been generated by Google Analytics and will help you get an idea of the traffic that your website is receiving each month.

What does it mean?

On your analytics chart you will see 3 different measurements of activity, these are; page views, sessions, and users. They each represent the number of times a certain action has been logged on your website. Below is an explanation of what each of them means.

Users: This is the number of individuals who have visited your website, meaning regardless of how many times an individual visits your website they will only ever register as one person. This number will always be the lowest on the chart because it is the base statistic from which the others are calculated.

Sessions: This represents the number of times an individual user has visited your website. So, while they are considered one user (see above), should they visit your website on two separate occasions that will account for two sessions. Continually updating your website with all your current news, offers and events increases the likelihood that your users will take the time to visit it more often.

Page views: Every time a page on your website is viewed it is registered here. So, if one user looks at both your drinks page followed by your events page, this will account for two page views. Ideally, the gap between the number of users and the number of page views should always be quite large because it means those who visit your website are taking the time to look at everything you have to offer. A good way to build your page views is to make sure you are posting engaging and up-to-date content across your whole website.

Why is it useful?

These analytics allow you to see exactly how many people are looking at your pub online each month. As well as showing you exactly how your website is benefiting your business, these statistics also offer some insight into how consumers are responding to your content. Maybe certain events or offers have increased traffic, or there is a particular time of year that drives peoples’ interest in your pub or bar. All this information gives you even more tools for planning activities and maximising the exposure your website gives them. The more eyes you’ve got on your website, the more feet you’ll get through your door.

How often is it updated?

The analytics will update automatically at the end of each month with figures dating back up to 6 months, depending how long your website with us has been active.

What can i do to increase my website traffic?

The key to attracting people to your website is keeping it fresh and up-to-date. The more often you are adding your news, offers and events, the more often people are going to be checking back to see what’s going on. Your website is like your shop window, you need to make it as inviting as possible, because people will only be interested if there is something to be interested in. It’s also important that you spread the word, share it on your social media, put posters up behind the bar, you could even put a good old-fashioned ad in the local newspaper! Remember, the average person spends £28 a week in the pub, make sure that pub is yours.

Tax Equality Day!

In a bid to highlight the benefits of a VAT reduction across the hospitality industry, all J.D Wetherspoon outlets in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be cutting the price of all food and drink by 7.5 per cent, for one day only!

Backed by leading industry organisations and MP’s alike, the pub-chain’s chairman, Tim Martin, hopes the mass price reduction on Thursday 13th September will send a message to the Chancellor Phillip Hammond by emphasising the inequalities experienced within the sector when it comes to taxation.

Business rates and VAT have long been a bone of contention between the industry and the government, with the current system often being accused of having a direct influence on the alarming rate of pub-closures, recently estimated to be as many as 18 per week.

Currently, UK pubs are paying around a third of their turnover in tax compared to a fifth for big supermarkets, this means pubs are paying about 16 pence in business rates per pint versus about two pence for supermarkets. Supermarkets also benefit from a zero VAT rate on the vast majority of food products.

UK Hospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls, said: “A cut in the rate of VAT for the hospitality sector can help address this unfairness and allow pubs and bars to invest in their businesses and staff members. We hope that everyone will support this year’s Tax Equality Day and send a clear and unequivocal message to the Chancellor to give the sector the VAT cut it deserves.”

So, cheap beers and supporting fairer treatment of the pub trade. There’s worse reasons to go for a pint. Just remember to leave the dog at home.

Name This Pub!

A new micropub is opening in Liverpool and you could be the one to give it a name!

Yes, after struggling to come up with a name for Liverpool’s newest local, the group behind the project have decided to throw it out to the public, in what will be their first wave of crowdfunding to subsidise the venture.

Set up as a social enterprise, the yet-to-be-named pub aims to not only be a place for the community, but a contributor to its prosperity. Stock will be sourced from independent producers, with particular emphasis on local businesses, and all profits will be donated to charities in the area that deal with poverty and the effects of poverty.

Following the traditional micropub set-up, featuring heavily on the menu will be a selection of cask real ale and craft beers, alongside artisan spirits and wines in what is planned to be an intimate, relaxing community space.

Simon Vanderbelt, of Love Beer Hate Fascism, says “We want to run a great little boozer, with a focus on quality beers and spirits, but none of us have a desire to end up running some kind of bar empire, driven on expansion and greed.

The decision to run it as a non-profit enterprise quickly became the obvious option, and with the UK’s current austerity measures, the effects of poverty impact so many people in our city, we knew it was something we could make a different to, no matter how small.

By purchasing a £1 raffle ticket your suggestion will go in a draw, from which the winning name will be selected. Money raised from the raffle will be used to provide funding for the initial legal and planning costs once a suitable home for the bar is found. So, even if you don’t win, you’ve still played a part in this fantastic endeavour.

Well worth a quid if you ask us.

For more information and to enter the raffle, visit:

Near the Motorways – Affordable Alternatives to Service Stations

 “How much?!”

  – everyone who has ever stopped at a motorway service station, probably.

Understandably, for anyone who frequents the nation’s motorways, the idea of spending yet another tenner on a soggy sandwich and cold coffee at a soulless service station can make a future journey down the M1 seem somehow even less appealing.

Thankfully, someone who understands this struggle has done us all a favour and put together a bible of better, more affordable alternatives to the service station in the form of – what else – pubs!

Near the Motorways, by Hugh Cantlie, features over 200 ‘personally selected’ pubs, hotels and restaurants within 5 minutes of Britain’s motorways. From the A1 to the M90, this glove-box guide offers inspiration for travellers who endeavour upon any of the 30 routes covered.

Each entry comes with a standard list of essential details including; the postcode for your Satnav, contact details and an indication of the prices you can expect.

Each also boasts its own watercolour image painted by Cantlie himself, and a brief description of the outlet, giving the guide a charming personal touch that your standard guide would likely lack.

As indicated by the edition (this is the 11th) Near the Motorways is regularly updated, both from Cantlie’s experiences and reader suggestions (you can fill out a form at the back of the book or email if you know a particularly good one).

The guide is £15.95 in good old-fashioned paperback form, and £6 for the e-Book version. As Classic Car Weekly put it, “You’ll make back what the guide costs through the savings you’ll make in pub meals.”

To give you a taste of what the guide has to offer we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite spots from the book. Happy travels!